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I do what will make your business successful - acquiring, converting and retaining customers and gaining market share. I combine 20+ years running e-commerce, cloud based and online-based business with analytics-driven decision making  to help you succeed.

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In progress!

VR, a leading email & social media marketing tool for SMBs,  needed to jazz up their marketing & sales, particularly new customer acquisition. So, we started with an audit of all online marketing channels, then optimized starting with the biggest drivers, PPC and Online Display. Then, using Optimizely we performed several MVT tests to arrive at the best converting landing pages, along with Marketo to nurture these qualified leads to a sale. As part of this project we are involved in a complete rebranding of VR to a more modern, clean style. Fun! 

01. Demand Gen
02. Conversion Optimization
03. Branding
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Domaine Chandon

In progress!

World-acclaimed Chandon wanted to increase their engagement level with consumers, both online marketing and at their gorgeous tasting room. We started with an audit, then established KPIs and an action plan to exceed their expectations. We're  now successfully executing to the plan, with the end goal of increased sales per consumer.

01. Social Media Strategy
02. Customer Engagement
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John Hingley

I like to roll up my sleeves and get down to business. I'm a hands-on online marketing and sales operator, have been in the trenches and held exec positions at big 'ol public companies (The Learning Company, Mattel) as well as several early stage & start-ups (T/Maker,, Yaga, VerticalResponse, Andiamo Systems). After starting up and selling my last tech company a few years ago, I decided to spend my time  helping fun, exciting people & their companies do better. I like a challenge, so bring it on! For more info, check out my LinkedIn profile.

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